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Food Cart Project of Rotary Club of Khulna North


There are many poor but hardworking and honest people dedicating every bit of their lives – energy, ideas, time, and smile, to add comfort and easiness to the lives of everyone else, and in the process, earning their livings. Roadside floating tea-stalls on wheels are one of those that provide us with the much-needed convenience of getting a cup of tea with snacks handy. These makeshift stalls are good places for both food and fun not only for the low-income people, but also for those with higher income levels. In addition to being barely protected from sun and rain, these stalls mostly operate in less than hygienic conditions and offer food staffs that are often unhealthy. However, given their financial predicament, that is all they can offer us. Can we do something to change the lives of these stall owners and of those who depend on them? Indeed, we can !

A small financial help can infuse dignity into the lives of these businessmen, help them serve people better and add beauty to our roadside landscape and that is exactly what the project undertaken by the Rotary Club of Khulna North intends to achieve. It is aimed at offering these stall owners’ long-term non interest loan facilities in the form of providing them with strongly-built food carts that will allow them operate in more hygienic conditions and attract more customers, resulting in more profit in their businesses.

Terms and Condition for Availing the Loaned Food Cart:

1.        This Project is only for the floating or temporary tea stalls that operate on wheels in our community.

2.        A Rotarian of any club of Khulna may refer such individuals to get this cart.

3.        Approximate value of this cart is BDT 35,000.00, which will be refunded on 70 weekly installments of BDT 500.00.

4.        The Rotarian referring the loanee will be responsible for collecting and depositing installments at our project bank account.

5.        The Rotarian should encourage the cart owner to sell only hygienic food and drinks and monitor it to ensure that Rotary image is upheld.

6.        If anyone fails to repay three consecutive installments, the cart along with paid installments will be forfeited.

7.        The owner will be responsible for regular maintenance of the cart.

8.        The club will not be responsible for any mishandling or unauthorized business using this cart.

9.        The owner cannot sell or rent this cart out before completing the installments without informing the club authority.

10.     Rotary Club of Khulna North holds all right to add or discard or cancel any of the above clauses.


The main objective of the project is to help the small business owners help themselves in operating honest businesses and lead a dignified life. In addition they will not be attracted by the bank or NGO loan which incurs high interest and spoiling their initiative. If they are able to maintain this business ethically, everyone else will be benefited in terms of getting good quality food and drinks handy. An well-organized and beautiful small tea stall will also add beauty to the roadside scenery attracting more people and increasing sales. The ultimate objective is to bring some more smiles to the faces of some hardworking and honest people who are desperately trying to make the most out of their lives; thereby upholding the public image of Rotary.



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