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Rotary Friday Clinic and Diabetic Center

Rotary Friday clinic and diabetic center is one of the prestigious projects of Rotary club of Khulna North.  Physicians are attending every Friday from 7:30am to 12:00pm.  Pathology section collects blood and urine from diabetic patients.  And after blood r/e, urine r/e test, we have been giving prescriptions (to 70 to 80 patients weekly) through Physicians.   At present, the total numbers of permanent diabetic patients are 1502.  In case of a very poor patient, essential medicines are also free.  Three Rotarians and 3 to 6 Rotaractors are directly involved and other members of the club have given support for smooth running of the Rotary clinic and diabetic center.

Rtn. Sk. Abdul Hadi
President: 1991-92 & 2004-05
Rotary Club of Khulna North



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