Rotary Club of Temecula

The Rotary Club of Temecula was chartered in 1975 and over 40 years it has grown to be one of the most impacting and effective service providers to the local community and around the world. It’s the oldest and largest of the 4 clubs in Temecula.

Our club, as with all Rotary Clubs, is made of business people, community leaders and just people looking to make the world a better place. Becoming a Rotarian connects you with this diverse group of wonderful people. As a Rotarian you will be able to be part of an active effort to seek out creative ways to serve the needs in our own community. These opportunities expand to areas of international service as well. Our projects include hands-on direct service as well as monetary support. Our club motto this year is “JUST ONE THING” referring to the impact we can have if each member chooses the one area of service that best fits their time and talent.  Rotary’s success is based on its universal scope; there are 34,000 Rotary Clubs in the World, served by over 1.2 million members. 



“care for your children here, care for children everywhere”


Project: Saving Children Soldiers Lives through Education


Expansion of an existing (on-going) project of a United States based NGO (non-governmental organization).  PROJECT AK-47 is the cooperating organization with “feet on the ground” and multi-generational relationships in the Philippines.

Donate to the Saving Children Soldiers Lives through Education project by mail or by PayPal Donate button below.

The Rotary Club of Temecula
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Your donation is tax deductable. Rotary Club Foundation of Temecula is a 501(c)3 Non-profit corporation.



Rotary Club of Temecula in partnership with Rotary Club of Makati Edsa, Manila, Philippines is working with Project AK-47 “feet on the ground” non-profit organization that has multi-generational relationships with leaders of armies in the conflicted areas of the Philippines and other countries.

Project AK-47 has built orphanages and schools and negotiated with parents and leaders of the armies to allow the children to attend the school and receive education.  The school we are supporting this year is in its 3rd year in the conflicted region of the Philippines, with 40 students, and the potential to enroll 60 more students based upon scholarship funding. Attending school allows the children to not only leave the child army, but teaches them skills in reading and math that can be used for jobs to provide food and shelter for their families. In addition, Project AK-47 promotes family, community values and shows a way of life of peace and working together.


Project AK-47 will be introducing “the Journey” with correspondent Queenie, a peace-builder working with the conflicted armies, and reporting on needs and progress made by the child soldiers enrolled in the school.  We hope to update you every week with new information, so please check our website often.  Below is the first video clip sent to us by Project AK-47.


For more information contact Cheryl Peterson at or call 951.719.0213

"Unacceptable forms of exploitation of children at work exist and persist, but they are particularly difficult to research due to their hidden, sometimes illegal or even criminal nature.  Slavery, debt bondage,trafficking, sexual exploitation, the use of children in the drug trade and in armed conflict, as well ashazardous work are all defined as Worst Forms of Child Labour."

Read More background information regarding exploitation of children click here.

Rotary Club of Makati EDSA


The Rotary Club of Makati – EDSA (RCME) is the extension club of the Rotary Club of Makati Salcedo.  RCME was organized by RCME extension Chairman, CP Miguel “Resty” Cornejo, who reorganized and de-chartered Rotary Club of Pasay South and became its first president.  The Rotary Club of Pasay South (RY 1988-1989 & 1989-1990) later reverted to its original name, the RC Pasay South in 1991.

On December 28, 1992, Rotary International admitted membership of the Rotary Club of Makati EDSA in the organization.  The birth of this new club, during the leadership of then Governor Joey Benedicto, was made possible by the efforts of CP Miguel “Resty” Cornejo, who acted as club charter president.  After the term of veteran Rotarian and famous cardiologist in the person of Resty Cornejo, this club has been continuously led by Presidents with good track records and proven leadership accomplishments in their respective professions.

With true leaders and committed Rotarian members who rear and continuously nurture the club, from a neophyte, RCME, became what it is in Rotary today. The RCME, earned its recognition of the district as one of the small clubs to watch. This club works silently, but effectively, in line with the true spirit of Rotary and Service.